[Koha] setup: some paths

Benedykt P. Barszcz kb2qzv at box43.gnet.pl
Thu Aug 17 09:56:53 NZST 2000

With many actions that are invoked in both opac and koha the server seems to be
loking for .../cgi-bin/koha/somefile.pl instead for cgi-bin/somefile.pl. Why?

The INSTALL file instructs to copy all *.pl file into cgi-bin, not to
cgi-bin/koha/ dir. Is this something i am missing?

Is there a way to create a CNAME in /etc/hosts (I know this question should be
going to a more general linux group)?
My /ets hosts file just lists twice, once for opac.private.org, and
second time for koha.private.org. It doesn't work, though. 
http.conf has <VirtualHosts> directive set for both but it doesn't work. Show
only the opac stuff, not the intranet stuff.

Any hints welcome and appreciated


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