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Rachel Hamilton-Williams rachel at katipo.co.nz
Thu Jul 13 12:26:06 NZST 2000

hi Sue - I hope you don't mind, but I forward your questions and reply to the 
mailing list so everyone could see the answers - I'm sure it's what everyone 
wants to know :-)

> .... just about 'everything'
> but for a start....

> What hardware is required to run it?

Horowhenua have 2 linux  boxes that comprise Koha. 

 One is an AMDK6/500 with 256 Mb of Ram and 2 x 15GB hard drive - it runs 
the OPACs and Issue and Returns machines  which at horowhenua are 
dumb diskless 486's, so this machine is running lots of copies of Netscape 
and telnet.  Cost was approx $2000 (without screen or keyboard).  This 
machine is also the HLT server for staff to use - so it has all the usual mail 
and home directories etc, and it functions as a dial in server for the  
branches - so there are a couple of modems in it for them to use.

The second machine is running the actual database, and webserver   - it is 
an Athlon 650, 256 MB Ram, 2x 15GB hard drive - running MYSQl and 
Apache. Cost was Approx $2100 (without screen or keyboard). The double 
hard drives are so that the main disk can be mirrored nightly for backup.

The actual database is only about 80mb on disk, (15 GB were cheep that 
week :-)

If all your clients are "real" PC's that have enough ram etc to run interent 
explorer you don't actually need to have the first machine. However if you 
have a lot of old gear, then spending $2000 in an extra server is probably 
cheeper than buying a lot of new pc's for the public to use.

The Hardware at the "client" end, ranges from some very old 486 machines 
that function as terminals through to Pentium and higher PC's.

> How many branches does Horowhenua have?

Main library in Levin and 2 staffed branches in Foxton and shannon, and one 
in tokamaru that I don't think has paid staff.

> I'd like to see the acquisitions / cataloguing module....

Hmm - something odd was going on there but is all fixed now - 

We have taken out peoples last names and addresses - for privacy - so if 
you're doing member searches unfortunatly you can only go on first names.  

Hope that's enough to be going on with.



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