[Koha] Re: Koha

Rosalie Blake rosalie at levin.library.org.nz
Sun Dec 3 20:30:03 NZDT 2000

Hello Rob,
> >     Rosalie Not just for the glory (though this is a world
> >     first)! 
>  I think your claim of a world first is a bit ambititious. 
> We've been giving away our school library software (Athenaeum Light)
> for 3 years now, over the internet. No strings. All passwords. Savvy
> users can modify the code, if they have the knowhow and tools. It is
> certainly different to what you have, but the basic concepts are the
> same.

What a clanger!. We consider ourselves reprimanded: had no idea 
you were there. 

> I heard that you had thousands of downloads. We stopped counting the
> downloads for two reasons, 1) there were heaps, 2) it is available on
> a number of servers around the world where we can't track downloads.

> At least it is nice to know that he first 2 "open" and free library
> programs available on the 'net both came from New Zealand!
> Would you like me to put a link to your page on our Athenaeum Light
> page? I believe that we should make it easy for users to find the free
> software.
By all means, we'd be delighted if you made a link. What is the 
address of your web page? I'd love to take a look. We're getting a 
number of requests from people with little knowhow who are finding 
Koha a struggle to set up, and your programme may well suit them 

Thanks for getting in touch.

Rosalie Blake
Horowhenua Library Trust

> Regards
> Rob Russell
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> 378 999 mob New Zealand

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