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Rosalie Blake rosalie at levin.library.org.nz
Mon Aug 28 16:02:40 NZST 2000

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Date sent:      	Fri, 25 Aug 2000 12:23:13 -0600
From:           	john <john at colosys.net>
To:             	rosalie at library.org.nz
Subject:        	download of koha

hey what you guys are doing is neat.  we've been doing some work with
waikato on indexing of newspapers using greenstone--you can look at
what we're attempting at www.colosys.net/pathfinder and click on the
newspaper digitization link.  

discoverd koha today.  tried to download but it didn't seem to retreive
a file--just saw the binaries.  any help?

first the america's cup, now two great open source library
projects--must be something in the new zealand air.


john campbell
pathfinder library system
grand junction, colorado
john at colosys.net

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