[Koha] FAQ: Overdues and fines

Rachel Hamilton-Williams rachel at katipo.co.nz
Mon Jul 17 18:19:35 NZST 2000


Have had a question about overdues and fines in Koha, and thought you may 
all be interested in the answer.

QUESTION - Does koha have functionality to automatically record overdues 
$$ and other penalties and  print o/d notices? 

Yep it does - the library fills in a schedule matching itemtype and borrower 
type to a loan length and a fine amount as part of the setup, and then Koha 
calculates the fines based on that. Librarians can write of fines if they need 

for a demo see


Fines owing comes up when you're issuing a book, and it won't let you issue 
if the borrower owes more than $5.

You could change that amount if you wanted to.

It doesn't automaticaly  prints over due notices right now, although it collects 
them, and we have been doing work with talking technologies to get the 
overdue notices going to the auto phone system - so we have a text file that 
is output at the moment, but it could easily be output to the printer rather 
than the phone system.

Hope that's what you need to know


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