[Kete] Kete 1.2 broken links fromt tags

hoa lean anhoale at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 19 12:32:20 NZDT 2010

Hi Andy,

It seems working OK, after I remove the old zebra.log and production.log, and generate the new blank ones.
New topics has been updated.
Now I am working on the search functions. 
Thanks a lot for all you guys ' helps. especially Andy and Walter.
Will update how the site is going.

Many thanks again,

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Subject: Re: [Kete] Kete 1.2 broken links fromt tags
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Can you go into the log directory of your kete and move the zebra.log
and production.log file to another name.  I am assuming your running
production ?  If not it will be development.log that is there.
cd /kete/logs
mv production.log production.log.old
mv zebra.log zebra.log.old
Then do some browsing on your kete.  
In the log directory you should see some nice new zebra.log and
production.log are created.  
What you should do now take note of the time on the clock. 
Add a topic type topic as this is the lightest weight for Kete to deal
with when adding.
Note what time you hit the commit button.  Then have a look in the logs
directory at the production.log file for the same moment in time.  It
should be nice and quiet looking only a few lines of information.  It
probably wont be though which is what we are interested in.
Can you attach the newly created zebra.log and production.log and post
it to the list.
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