[Kete] For those that host Kete sites - Ruby security vulnerability and fix available

Walter McGinnis walter at katipo.co.nz
Fri Jun 12 10:46:27 NZST 2009

Hello everyone,

You may have already read this via the site, its RSS feed, or Twitter  
already.  I apologize for cross posting, but I want to make sure all  
Kete site hosters are aware of this issue.

For those of you that host one or more Kete site, you are advised to  
update your underlying Ruby installation to close the vulnerability.   
The process is outlined here:


The Ruby and the Ruby on Rails communities have done a great job of  
identifying security vulnerabilities before they get a chance to be  
exploited.  They are actually relatively rare, but both communities  
take them quite seriously and address them in a rapid manner.


P.S. - if you are a Katipo client with a Kete site hosted by us,  
everything has been updated without incident.

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