[Kete] Configure kete

Walter McGinnis walter at katipo.co.nz
Mon Jul 27 21:45:55 NZST 2009

On Jul 27, 2009, at 9:03 PM, Miguel Angel Calvo Lázaro wrote:

> hi.
> now i have this problem:
> RuntimeError in Index_page#index
> Showing *app/views/index_page/_archive_by_type.rhtml* where line  
> *#7*raised:
> Database unavailable (109) public

Hi Miquel,

Because of your previous permission problems, the Zebra search  
databases weren't initialized correctly.

Here's how to get things working again:

1. from the command line do this

rake zebra:load_initial_records

2. go back to the homepage, reload it, you shouldn't get an error,  
however your search database need to be  "primed"

3. use the Administrator's Toolbox > Rebuild search databases link,  
going with the defaults in the form is fine

That should do it.


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