[Kete] Kete 1.0 release branch and upgraded Kete.net.nz

Walter McGinnis walter at katipo.co.nz
Mon Jan 28 10:57:33 NZDT 2008

Happy New Year.  The team working on Kete has been busy since the first
Community Meeting!  Kete has a 1.0 stable release branch and Kete.net.nz
has been updated to use it.

You might be saying to yourself,  "1.0 stable release branch?  What does
that mean?  Why isn't there just a 1.0 release?".  Here's the answer
from the Kete.net.nz's Downloads topic:

"To download the Kete software, we recommend the industry standard for
Ruby on Rails open source projects of a Subversion version control
'checkout'.  This makes it easier to upgrade your installation of Kete
to take advantage of bug fixes and new features.

On December 31st, 2007 we began the official release process of Kete 1.0
by finalizing the 1.0's feature set and creating a corresponding branch
of the version control repository. This branch should be seen as the
current stable version of Kete. Only bug and security fixes will be
added to it. It is what we recommend for sites that want to use a
managed upgrade process via releases."

Here are some of the highlights that have been added to or refined in
Kete since the Community Meeting:

* Updated and greatly improved Installation Guide along with a web based
Configuration Assistant when you first install your Kete (or reconfigure

* Greatly improved look and feel - thank you to Steven Upritchard and
Rachel Hamilton-Williams for a job well done.

* Themes - the ability to easily customise your site's or a basket's
look (also commonly referred to as "Skins") by choosing from different
themes.  See http://kete.net.nz/themes/ for a new guide on how to use
them and the community's repository of Themes.

* Moderation - You can now configure the moderation policy to be
"moderation upon being flagged" or fully moderated with "moderator views
before item approved".  You may also set a default moderation policy for
the site that all new baskets will be set to unless overridden.  There
is also a "moderate" area per basket where all
items either flagged or pending are listed until they are resolved.
You may subscribe to this via RSS or have moderators receive email
notifications instantly or in digest form at frequency that is
determined by a system setting.

* Bulk data importing to any basket - Site administrators can use the
following import types; Past Perfect 4 items, Simple XML Topics (for
example can be used to import data exported from blog's posts in RSS
format), and Topics from Filemaker Pro's FMPDSORESULT XML format.  You
can view a list of all imports to a basket, their status (in process,
completed, failed), and number of records imported.  The code for
importing has also been refined to make creating new import types much
easier for developers.

Big thanks to Horowhenua Library Trust and also Liblime and Te Reo o  
Taranaki for funding the
work involved.

Here's to a great 2007 for Kete and an even better 2008.


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